Rewatching Buffy: Season Five

Season five of Buffy is my second favorite, behind the third season.  It’s more consistent than seasons two or four, but the overall story arc (and the main villain) pale in comparison to season three.Dawn Finally Arrives/Origins of the SlayerThis is probably an unpopular opinion, but I liked the addition of Dawn to the cast. …… Continue reading Rewatching Buffy: Season Five

Rewatching Buffy: Season Four

It was the best of episodes, it was the worst of episodes.  It was Buffy: season four.What can you say about a season that includes both Hush and Beer Bad?  That includes Restless and Where the Wild Things Are?I have this theory that the writing staff on Buffy did not have typical childhoods.  My theory…… Continue reading Rewatching Buffy: Season Four