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I have been fortunate enough to have a number of things published in a variety of places. Here’s where you can find my work.

Template Options

Page Borders – control the thickness and/or visibility of all borders and rules in the template.

Canvas Style – choose the layout and logo position inside the header area of the site.

Header Subtitle – select the type of content that should be shown directly below (or above with Canvas Style change) the logo.

Banner Alignment – aligns the text when displayed inside the Page Banner area.

Social Icon Style – sets the template specific (non-social icon block) social icons style. 

Event Styles

 Event Time Format – toggle between 24 hour or AM/PM for event times.

Event Icons – enable icons on the address and event time display.

Event Thumbnails – show an image thumbnail in list view.

Event Thumbnail Size – controls the size (ratio width:height) of the event thumbnail image.

Event Date Label – enable date overlay on top of event thumbnail.

Event Date Label Time – include the time of the event with the date overlay.

Event Excerpts – show optional excerpt text of events on the list view when present.

Event List Date – show the full event date (day, month, year) of the event on the list view. 

Event List Time – show the time range (start time-end time) of the event on the list view.

Event List Address – show the event location address when present.

Event iCal/gCal Links – show links to add events to Apple or Google calendars.

Event Like and Share Buttons – show Squarespace simple like and share buttons on events.

Event Calendar Compact View – enable a simpler calendar view optimized for smal

Event List Compact View – enable a simple stacked view of events in the list view.

Event Calendar Compact View – enable a simpler calendar view optimized for smaller areas.