Web sites don’t really do this anymore. I remember back in the day this was one of my main sources of finding cool sites to check out, because if a site you already like says that this other site is great, then it must be, right? Friends of your friend are your friends.

Eh, now it’s all Facebook and Twitter.

Comics Sites – I spent about a year running this site and I like to think I did an okay job at it. It taught me a lot about a) running a web site, b) the comic book industry, and c) my inability to let things go, although I suppose I’ve always been aware of that last point. CB has a long and storied history of publishing pieces by some great writers and it is well worth your time to check out, even if it’s not as active as it has been.

Your Chicken Enemy – Daniel Elkin is an excellent writer and I’m proud to have ever written anything with him. He’s also one of the strongest champions for independent comics that I know, as evidenced by his web site. He’s started running pieces from some other talented folks, so his site is always worth a visit.

The Beat – It’s really hard to find a comic book news site these days, at least one that does batter your brain. CBR’s lists kill me and Newsarama’s viewer is often more trouble than it’s worth. But The Beat just gives you the goods and does so in a reasonable manner. It’s actually kind of amazing that it continues to exist given the way most of the great comic book news sites have gone.

Bleeding Cool – I’m not going to site here and say that BC doesn’t have problems, because it surely does, but they’re pretty good about updating regularly when any news breaks, sometimes even before. They seem to have expanded their coverage, first to games and TV, now into football? I don’t know. Whatever gets the eyes on the site, I guess (quote this back to me when I’m posting about The Bachelor).

Mike’s Amazing World of Comics – Mike has given OCD comic book nerds a truly wonderful gift with his web site. The Newstand section allows you to see every comic published by month since 1933. For those of us who love reading lines of comics in chronological order, his site is essential. He’s been playing catch up over the last couple of years, though, but given the sheer volume of what he does, he can take as much time as he wants.

Other Nifty Places

Kyle Garret – Yeah, yeah, that’s my web site. I don’t just post ramblings about comics all the time, I sometimes post rambling about other things. Oh, and I write books and short stories. I’m still slowly fighting the good fight. Well, the okay fight.