Commence Ouroboros: DC’s “Crisis on Infinite Earths” Part 3

The problem with Crisis is that for every issue that’s fantastic, there’s an issue that’s just kind of there.

I love how insane pre-Crisis DC was. Crazy things happen because, hey, it’s comics, and that was all we needed; character was a barely a consideration.  I miss stories like that, stories that are just interested in one upping each other in how out there they can get.

There are times when Crisis feels like that, sans the insanity. We see a lot of different characters doing things, but none of it tells us much about those people.  The Titans and the Outsiders (two teams I have a soft spot for) save a bunch of people, but none of it tells anything about them.  We’re not getting a ton of depth here.  But, again, that shouldn’t really be expected with a book like this.  Heck, even now it shouldn’t be expected from event comics.  It’s just not what they’re about.

The stakes are definitely raised in this issue as we see the beginning of the end. The past and the future are being destroyed, which is why we visit the aforementioned Anthro and the Legion of Superheroes as well as DC’s WWII and Western characters.

We also see that the Monitor has a traitor in his midst, who makes their move at the end of the issue.

The mystery of Alexander Luthor also grows, as the baby has now grown to what looks like a 10 year old seemingly over night. He’s also composed of both matter and anti-matter because, well, because comics.

And what issue of Crisis would be complete without a mysterious Flash sighting?

Honestly, the regular tours of the DCU are probably boring to most people, but I love it. Yes, they can be unnecessary and make the book feel padded (as I’ve said before), but I had no idea I would miss all of these characters.

The timing of this issue works out coincidentally well in that there are no tie-in comics, not even an issue of Who’s Who. This is only the 25% mark and I think it’s distinctly the calm before the storm.

We have no idea just how far this book would go or what would be left when it was done.

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