Weekly Whiskey: Comics Worth Your Money for 12/19/18

Macallan (top of the line)

Livewire #1

I had a chance to read the 1st issue of this (I really wish I’d had the time to review it) and it’s great.

Live Wire is the best original character the current Valiant has produced and they’ve done an excellent job of developing not just her character, but an extensive story for her. Writer Vita Ayala doesn’t shy away from Live Wire’s continuity, rather embracing it to underscore the difficult position she finds herself in. Live Wire is dong the best she can in a bad situation and she’s basically flying solo because of it.

Raul Allen has long been Valiant’s secret weapon. I think the first time I saw his work was on Wrath of the Eternal Warrior and it blew me away. His work has only gotten better. He should be a superstar by now.

Jack Daniels (every day)

Aquaman #43

Just in time for the movie, Aquaman gets a new creative team headlined by writer Kelly Sue DeConnick. I like DeConnick’s work, although I’m more partial to her creator owned books than her superhero comics. Robson Rocha did good work on Green Lanterns and appears to be a rising start at DC. In other words, this should be a good comic.

I’m not sold on the concept, but honestly my idea of what should work in an Aquaman comic has never sold. I have always thought it should be akin to Game of Thrones underwater, but I think that’s been tried many times and no one seems to care. Maybe a fresh start is what Aquaman needs to draw in new fans.

Defenders: Best Defense #1

I have been a fan of the Defenders for a long time. They are the most bat shit crazy team in Marvel’s history and the problem with every reinvention is that they are never as bat shit crazy. But I guess it’s not the 70s anymore.

It’s interesting that whenever Marvel does these old school Defenders teams they include the Silver Surfer, who wasn’t an original member. But I guess he’s iconic.

I’m more optimistic about this book because it’s by the Immortal Hulk creative team and the Immortal Hulk is the best comic Marvel is publishing right now.

Jameson (good enough)

Freedom Fighters #1

I love the Freedom Fighters and I love alternate timelines, so this is a pretty easy pick up for me.

This is supposed to feature a brand new team since the old one died. I really hope we get something like the one we saw in Multiversity series, with characters from each of the various groups who were persecuted by the Nazis. I also hope they keep the original heroes, just updated. I mean, Human Bomb and Doll Man? That’s just gold.

Suntory (strangely fascinating)

Wonder Woman Diana Prince 50th Anniversary Omnibus

I mean, I know people are fascinated by this era of Wonder Woman, but aren’t these books infamous? I thought this was a run of WW that people actively dislike, a failed attempt at being relevant even though Wonder Woman is always relevant as she is.

But it is fifty years old, now, and nostalgia is a powerful drug, so here we are.

Infinity Wars #6

Question: Has the Marvel hype machine died down or am I just out of touch? I know absolutely nothing about this series other than it was timed to take advantage of the nonexistent group of people who see a comic book movie and then go buy comics.

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