Cosmonauts Avenue Literary Anthology: New Issue and Kickstarter

Not comics, I know, but this looks really cool.

The July 2018 issue is live!

Featuring incredible work by Allen Price, Ashley Wren Collins, Caitlin Thomson, Colette Arrand, Destiny Birdsong, Dolly Lemke, Faylita Hicks, Jenny Bitner, Jessica Malordy, Karen An-hwei Lee, Kevin Joffré, Lily Wang, Maitreyi Ray, Maria Saba, Natalie E. Illum, Nisa Malli, Rashanda Williams, Tamzin Mitchell, and Trenton Pollard!


We already raised $2034 of our 10K goal… but there are only 21 days left! (20 days now)

$1, $10, $50, $500—whatever you can give to help us get off the ground is a vote for more great work by marginalized voices, and is a true blessing.

With your help, we’ll create a 200-page anthology of jubilation, side-eyes, survival tactics and jagged-edged wisdom. We’ll feature 30 poets, 6 fiction writers, and 3 nonfiction writers.

Our editors—the same ones who pick the critical and vibrant work we publish on our site—are already laying out a constellation of pieces from pathbreaking artists like Kristen Arnett, Colette Arrand, Destiny O. Birdsong, MK Chavez, jayy dodd, Natalie Eilbert, Megan Fernandes, T Kira Madden, José Olivarez, Tommy Pico, and Raquel Salas Rivera.

With proceeds from selling the anthology, we will begin paying contributors for the life-changing and necessary work they’re doing. Since we intend to always keep regular submissions 100% free, sales of our print collection would provide the jolt of revenue we need to become a self-sustaining publisher.

We’ve got all sorts of rewards for backers, so go check out the Kickstarter and join us on this journey!

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