Biographical Mix, 2000: Mono

Believe it or not, this mix actually raises any fairly complex question as far as the formulation of my mixes is concerned or, more to the point: what do I do with songs by band my friends are in?

This issue was brought on by the first few months I lived in Atlanta, when the Pankration came to live with me for a week. That wasn’t their intention, but a dying van and an opportunity to play a second show a few days after the first one lead to them sleeping in my living room for multiple nights. They were still waiting to get copies of their CD, but had hand packaged a few, and since I had the inside track, they gave me a copy.

As far as memories go, living with the Pankration is hard to match.

But you’ll notice that there’s no Pankration song on this mix, just as there were no songs by Putty on earlier mixes. My rationalization behind this is that, if I were to start putting songs onto mixes by people that I know, it would be never ending. Even worse, what would I then do about my own bands? Clearly those bands represent a specific time even more so than these songs. So I just decided to steer clear of the entire issue.

Entertaining side note: a few weeks after the Pankration left, I ended up in the emergency room with an enlarged spleen, a result of having mono for months and not knowing it, although it’s more exciting to say that the Pankration stayed with me and left me in the hospital.

“Sugar” by System of a Down
“New Noise” by Refused
“Black Jack Mastered” by Pretty Mighty Mighty
“Nagarkot” by Very Secretary
“Soda Jerk” by Buffalo Tom
“My Own Worst Enemy” by Lit
“Little Black Back Pack” by Stroke 9
“Is Anybody Home?” by Our Lady Peace
“Change (In the House of Flies)” by the Deftones
“Why Does It Always Rain On Me?” by Travis
“One” by Sunny Day Real Estate
“No Sensitivity” by Jimmy Eat World
“Everything In Its Right Place” by Radiohead
“Tinfoil” by Rainer Maria
“Sweetness (demo)” by Jimmy Eat World
“Sonny” by Palo Alto
“Spite and Fire” by Rainer Maria
“What I Would Say To You Now” by Jimmy Eat World
“Mark David Chapman” by …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead

This mix is very evenly divided between the last half of my final year of grad school (through Our Lady Peace) to the beginning of my stay in Atlanta. Much of the first half was influenced by the top 40 station I listened to while working at the gas station in Athens, Ohio.

And to connect everything together, this was not my first experience with the awesomely named Trail of Dead. Years earlier, they were supposed to play in Athens, and my band, Middle Kittanning, was supposed to play with them. They were then supposed to go up to Akron for a show, which they were going to play with my friends in the Underground Asian Movement. Unfortunately, Trail of Dead got robbed after a show in New Orleans and had to cancel the rest of their shows, and thus my brush with rock stardom was destroyed.

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