Biographical Mix, 1998: The Local Arm

A lot happened to and for me in 1998. I graduated from college and, not yet ready to let that gravy train come to an end, decided to go to grad school at the exact same school I’d just graduated from. I joined a new band, The Local Arm, which, I think, was some what more forceful in its style. Sunny Day Real Estate got back together and released a new album, and even went on tour. And, of course, I discovered Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I like this mix an awful lot. If I were to rank my various mixes, I’m sure this would be somewhere near the top. I listened to a lot of great albums during this year of my life — that and the fact that I was in a new band had me as hyped for music as I’d been in a while.

“Somethin’ Hot” by the Afghan Whigs
“If You Are to Bloom” by Hum
“Be Quiet and Drive” by the Deftones
“Enjoy the Silence” by Therapy
“Green to Me” by Hum
“My Own Summer” by the Deftones
“A Disgust for Details” by Coalesce
“Good Intentions (original)” by For Love Not Lisa
“Pillars” by Sunny Day Real Estate
“Buffy the Vampire Slayer” by Nerf Herder
“Cavity” by Boy Sets Fire
“Milwaukee Sky Rocket” by Braid
“Color of Contrast” by Compound Red
“My Bejing Hot Rod” by Flu Thirteen
“Five Corporations” by Fugazi
“Of Information and Belief” by June of ’44
“Polyethylene, Parts 1 and 2” by Radiohead
“How It Feels To Be Something On” by Sunny Day Real Estate
“Little Chang, Big City” by Seam

Odd fact: I have a very mild form of synesthesia. I can remember, after band practice one day, asking the other guys if they saw our songs as colors. They all kind of looked at me like I was insane. They then quizzed me, asking what color each of our songs was. And I had answers for all of them.

This mix, more so than any of the others so far, has a color to me. And while the obvious answer would be “green,” it is, in fact, blue. I have no idea why. You just have to trust me on this. It still happens to me to this day, although not as often as it used to.

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