Biographical Mix, 1996: Middle Kittanning

Being in a band in college is so completely different than being in a band in high school that I feel like there should be different terms for them. Going a step further, being a “singer” in a band in high school (and, yes, that should be in quotes) and being a guitarist (and main songwriter) in a band in college are like night and day. Suddenly, everything I listened to became an influence on what I was producing, and as a direct result, my basic criteria for music became simple: I wanted to listen to stuff that I would like to play.

I was also surrounding myself with very specific group of people. Athens, Ohio is a pretty small town and the live music scene there is pretty fractured among many sub-divisions, but even a small sub-division was more than I’d ever been a part of before. For as much as I loved being in Oral Groove, and for as much as I talked about being in Oral Groove, it was never something that defined me, mostly because everyone knew me before I joined the band. In college it was different. In college I became guy in a band and everything spread out from there.

This was both good and bad. On one hand, I discovered some great music, got to play in the first of what would be two bands in college, and met some great people. On the other hand, it was completely insular. It also took over my life in ways that are impossible to explain to most people.

Like I said, though: I discovered some great music, and while lots of new bands show up on this mix, a few of the old standby’s managed to stick around.

“Cherry Coke” by Karate
“Fagetarian and Dyke” by Team Dresch
“June Miller” by June of ’44
“Stretched Too Thin” by the Crownhate Ruin
“Blame, Etc.” by the Afghan Whigs
“Hey, Latasha” by Seam
“Spoiler” by Jawbox
“Scenic Pastures” by Archers of Loaf
“El Scorcho” by Weezer
“Visible Distance” by the Universal Order of Armageddon
“Corpse Pose” by Unwound
“Screwing Yer Courage” by Team Dresch
“What Did You Expect?” by Archers of Loaf
“Going to Town” by the Afghan Whigs
“Call It In the Air” by Jimmy Eat World
“Something to Forget” by Texas Is the Reason
“The Prizefighters” by Seam
“Sink Is Busted” by June of ’44
“Desert Sea” by Jawbox
“Leave” by R.E.M.
“Shade and the Black Hat” by Jeremy Enigk

Over the next year, though, the other members of Middle Kittanning would start to have even more of an influence on what I was listening to…

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