A week ago I was thinking about posting a blog stating that Obama should pick Hillary as his VP.

Even though adding Hillary (or someone like her) would play contrary to Obama’s anti-establishment theme, I felt that bringing her supporters on board was more important.  It also felt like yet another case of Democrats wussing out; you wouldn’t see Republicans struggling with such an issue.  They would look at the numbers, look at the electoral map, and then make the choice that would win them the White House.

It was time for the Democrats to pull the trigger for once.

But since then I’ve begun to have second thoughts.

Initially, it was a conversation with a friend, an Obama supporter who could be labeled an “Obamacan.”  She was glad Obama won the nomination, of course, and planned on voting for him…but not if Hilary was on the ticket.  She said she’d vote McCain if Hillary was on the ticket.

And what about that?  What about all the “Obamacan” and independents that Obama would lose with Hillary on the ticket?  She ran such a divisive campaign and has such a tumultuous past with certain demographics, Obama would be sure to lose votes.  But what he lose more than he would gain?  Probably not.

The kicker for me came a few days later, after reading and watching a few interviews with the more extreme Hillary supporters out there, those that seem so irrational as to switch parties if their candidate isn’t the Democratic nominee (and it’s completely irrational, given the similarities between Obama and Hillary’s platforms and the polar opposite world that McCain lives in).  The rational Hillary supporters will come on board no matter what (particularly with her endorsement).  So evidently it’s the irrational ones that Obama would be trying to win over by naming her to VP.

But I truly don’t think that would be enough for them.  They don’t want second place.  Naming her VP wouldn’t convince them to vote for a ticket with her on the under card.  And if that’s the case, then what’s the value in bringing her on board?

Let’s ignore her supporters then.  There’s a theory that she plays to certain demographics better than Obama does.  But she’s not alone in this.  There are plenty of qualified candidates out there that would appeal to working class whites.  While I have my own concerns over Jim Webb, he would not only just appeal to that group, but also shore up any military questions about the Obama ticket.  And that’s just the first guy I thought of.  Hillary, as far as demographic appeal is concerned, is not special.

Not only that, but any other alternative choice isn’t going to bring the baggage that Hillary does.  If Hillary were to be named the VP, how many times do you think we’ll see the clip of her claiming that John McCain passed the Commander In Chief threshold, but Obama hasn’t?  It will be on 24/7 on Fox.  The way she ran her campaign could be a liability to the ticket.

So there it is.  I don’t think a VP spot will convince her hold outs to come over.  Her demographic appeal isn’t unique.  And she could be more of a burden than anything else.

Honestly, I think she’d be more valuable stumping for Obama, but not on the ticket.  She needs to get out there and start talking about the issues, particularly those regarding women.  She needs to make them realize that McCain is going to continue a Republican regime that treats women as second class citizens by cutting social programs specifically meant for women.  Oh, and let’s not forget the fact that at least one Supreme Court judge will retire in the next four years…

I don’t know where Hillary goes from here, but I’m not sure it can be anywhere near the Oval Office.

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