Instead of venting my spleen about the Clinton campaign (I think it’s safe to say, however, that I’ll come back to that at some point), I’m going to take the high road and do as my candidate of choice has been doing: look forward to the general election.

Way back when, my initial thoughts on the VP candidate best suited to run with Obama sat squarely with Jim Webb, senator from Virginia.  Webb’s background is perfect, in that he’s a military man from a working class background.  He’s also the only member of Congress with a child serving in Iraq.  He’d bring credibility on the military side and would help reach the “white working class” we’ve head so much about.

Webb, however, does have some downside.  He’s a first term senator, just like Obama.  And he’s admitted to using a certain racial slur that begins with N in his youth.  Oddly enough, the latter issue might be a plus, because he’ll be running as a man who’s changed trying to appeal to a whole segment of people who probably used that same word when they were younger (if not just last week).

Catherine Sebelius has been getting a lot of lip service lately.  She’s the current governor of Kansas and wouldn’t just help Obama win that state, but would also help him win back Hillary supporters who want to vote for a woman.  The problem there, however, is that Hillary supporters could view her appointment as being Obama’s desire to have a woman on the ticket, and he picks any woman other than Hillary, they’ll be angry.

Wesley Clark is a dark horse candidate.  He would clearly help Obama’s case with the military and foreign affairs crowd.  He was also a Clinton supporter, so it might help on that side as well.  He was also Madonna’s choice in the 2004 primaries, so Obama could then count on the People With Horrible Taste In Music vote.

So I ask you, dear blog readers (aka Meghan and Nicole), who do you think will get the nod?

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