All the women I know will be shocked to learn that they hate women.

 More geniuses from Ohio, courtesy of Ben Smith at

Clinton backer backlash


My colleague Beth Frerking reports on something we’re likely to hear a lot more about in coming days: Grumblings from the almost-half of the party, disproportionately women, whose candidate is losing.

An Ohio-based group of Democratic Hillary Clinton supporters say they’ll work actively against Sen. Barack Obama if he becomes the nominee, arguing that Clinton has been the subject of “intense sexism” by party leaders and the media.

Led by Boomer-aged women, the group, Clinton Supporters Count Too, is holding a press conference in Columbus at noon to release this statement.

Organizers Cynthia Ruccia, 55, and Jamie Dixey, 57, both from the Columbus area, say they’re coordinating women, men, minorities, union members and others in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida and Michigan – all important swing states next November – to impress upon Democratic party leaders what they think has been outright discrimination – and not of the racial kind.

“We have been vigilant against expressions of racism, and we are thrilled that the society has advanced that way” in accepting Obama as a serious candidate,” Ruccia said. “But it’s been open season on women, and we feel we need to stand up and make a statement about that, because it’s wrong.”

With growing calls for Clinton to leave the race, she said, women feel like “we’re being told to sit down, shut up, and get with the program.”

Hard to know what to make of any given group, but the sentiment is clealry out there, and putting the party back together will be Obama’s, and Clinton’s, challenge.

Oh, and they’re doing O’Reilly tonight, of course.

Kyle says: Here’s an idea, ladies.  If you want a woman to be president then should probably find a female candidate WITH PRINCIPLES.  Don’t just take whatever is handed to you and then get angry when she loses because of her faults.  GO FIND SOMEONE BETTER.

The fact that the women in this country aren’t up in arms that the first viable female candidate they get is such a two-faced hack blows my mind.

Honestly, it’s like the Democrats complaining that the ’04 results in Ohio were rigged.  You know what a great way to avoid that issue is?  WIN BY MORE THAN 100,000 VOTES.

Quit whining and DO BETTER.

And the fact that they’re going on O’Reilly tonight makes their views all the more laughable.

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