Yes, it’s true: West Virginia doesn’t matter.

I’m not saying that because of any ill feelings I harbor towards West Virginia.  It’s a beautiful state — frighteningly so, in fact, because while driving through there are various points that you realize “I could get lost in this beautiful wilderness and no one would ever find me.”

But West Virginia is not indicative of anywhere else in America OTHER than West Virginia.  WV has no real urban center, unlike every other state in the union.  It’s also a demographic flat line, with few variations.  It would be like letting South East Ohio have its own primary.

But, of course, it has allowed Hillary Clinton to keep making ridiculous statements.  You know, like that she wins swing states, which is what the Democrats need to win in the fall.  The only problem, of course, is that winning a swing state in a primary is has absolutely nothing to do with winning it in the general election.  It’s apples and oranges.  The fact that she even makes such a statement is yet another example that she’s speak down to people in order to convince them of something.

Then there’s the “white vote,” if you will.  This morning on MSNBC, Andrea Mitchell made a fantastic comment which gave me a new perspective on the whole thing.  She pointed out that the percentage of the white vote that Hillary Clinton gets actually goes down when she’s placed in a general election against McCain (according to polls).  Why?  Because white people will vote for McCain.  So Hillary’s percentages don’t hold when expanded to the general.  Obama’s, however, do — in fact, they actually increase, which would suggest that there’s room for growth.

In other words, the two arguments that Clinton made last night are, well, out and out lies.

But why should anyone be surprised by that?

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