Thank god that’s over.


While people are spinning left and right this morning, the cold, hard facts are this: Hillary Clinton, even if Florida and Michigan were inlcuded as is (and that’s not particularly fair by any stretch of the imagination), cannot catch Obama in any way, shape, or form, not popular vote, not pledged delegates, not number of states, not anything.

Obama wiped away all of Hillary’s gains in Pennsylvania last night by destroying her in North Carolina, a swing state that will play a big part in the general election.  The close finish in Indiana will only garner Obama more superdelegates.

What does this mean, while Hillary is saying she’ll stay in the race until there’s a nominee?  Two things:

1) Hillary Clinton is now Mike Huckabee

2) Obama will no longer engage Hillary Clinton in any kind of debate, either formally or informally.  In the coming days he will spend all of his time talking about HIS plans and creating distinctions between himself and John McCain.

It should be really entertaining, as Hillary will clearly keep trying to make it seem like a race, while Obama will not all but ignore her completely.

The real issue is how long Hillary will wait to start repairing the party she has single handedly divided.

One thought on “Thank god that’s over.

  1. Yay! Looks like the end is FINALLY in sight.

    If only it had ended a couple of months ago, she might have saved herself the embarrassment of explaining that she doesn’t like to listen to those silly economists on economic issues. Now, the only question is where to sign up to volunteer for Obama’s presidential campaign! 🙂

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