The Price of Gas

Allow me to offer another example of why I think Obama is the best candidate for the job:

I mentioned before that Hillary Clinton thinks we should put a hold on the gas tax for the summer in the interests of making things a bit easier on the average American citizen.  John McCain has also proposed a “gas tax holiday” along the same lines.  Here’s why they are both whores for votes:

1) Removing the gas tax would barely help people.  The percentage of the cost of gas that comes from taxes isn’t so great as to give people extra money.

2) The gas tax goes to the government, which then uses that money to, you know, function.  REMOVING THE GAS TAX DOES NOTHING TO THE OIL COMPANIES.  I know, shocker.  So the solution to high gas prices is to remove the only part of that cost that actually goes to helping Americans while allowing the rest to go to Oil companies???  REALLY???

3) The US government is sending out rebates in the next two weeks.  In other words, they’re giving away money they don’t have and, if McCain and Clinton have their way, will then STOP BRINGING IN MONEY.

4) You can’t just decide to stop a source of income without having a way of replacing it.  Obama makes the same argument with the Estate Tax.  Republicans want to eliminate it?  Fine, but first tell us how you’ll replace that revenue source.

So why would Clinton and McCain suggest options that clearly won’t work?  Because they think it will get them votes.

I’m not going to say that Obama has never played the crowd before, but I’ve yet to hear him suggest any kind of legislation simply to get votes.  But that’s exactly what Clinton and McCain are doing and it’s so ridiculous, even more so because it just might work.

Even better, most economists have backed Obama on this, pointing out that any suspension of the gas tax would have little affect on the American public.  On top of that, environmentalists also back Obama, as lowering the price of gas even a bit would surely result in people buying more of it, instead of making the hard choices to move away from gas because prices are high.

While two candidates work to find a solution that will get them elected, one works to find a solution that will actually fix the problem.  And that’s the one I think should be in charge.

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