Lying For Dummies

Yes, it’s gotten so ridiculous that now even AP is pointing out when Hillary is lying.

From today’s story on oil and Hillary’s attack on Obama:

“When it came time to stand up against the oil companies, to stand against Dick Cheney’s energy bill, my opponent voted for it and I voted against it,” the New York senator said at a rally at Indiana University in Bloomington. “And that bill had billions of dollars in giveaways to the oil companies. It was the best bill that the energy companies could buy.”

The 2005 energy bill actually raised taxes on the oil and gas industry by about $300 million over 11 years, according to the Congressional Research Service.

End AP article quote.

Not to mention the fact that those additional taxes were earmarked for research into new fuel sources.

But, you know, why should she let things like the facts stop her.

Also, according to Hillary’s ad in Indiana, she’s suggesting we suspend the gas tax this summer.

Soooo…we’re going to give rebates to everyone AND suspend the gas tax…

So the government is going to GIVE money to everyone and then SUSPEND a rather large source of income?

You know, if I did something like that I’d end up in debt and probably homeless.

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