PA Thoughts

So in the end it appears that Hillary will walk away with a victory of just over 9 points, which is convenient, as that’s the number of delegates she’s gained on Obama, who will more than make up those nine delegates in NC, most likely.

Clinton’s victory was so small, in fact, that she is no longer able to catch Obama in pledge delegates, which leaves her with only the popular vote angle to rest on, and even that chance for success has gotten smaller.

Here are a few things I’ve taken away from the Keystone State:

1) I would love for just ONE of the two of them to point out that gun control and the 2nd amendment are not opposites.   In fact, the phrase “gun control” is meaningless unless there are, you know, GUNS TO CONTROL.  Personally, I’m anti-guns of all kind, but there IS a middle ground, people.

2) 15% of registered Democrats still believe that Obama is Muslim.  I point this out because I heard the “well, Obama outspent Clinton 3 to 1 in Pennsylvania and still lost” line.  The fact remains that Clinton has been in the national spotlight for 15 years.  Everyone knows her and most know what she’s about.  The fact that 15% of registered Democrats don’t know that Obama is a Christian is proof that he’s at a significant disadvantage just on familiarity alone.  So he has no choice but to spend more than Clinton; they’re not starting from even ground.

3) Only 37% of those who vote Democrat are white males, which means I’m a minority.  In fact, Bill Clinton didn’t win the white male vote in either general election.  Neither did Jimmy Carter.  So this big concern about whether or not white men will vote for Obama in the general election is silly.  He doesn’t need them to vote for him any more than they voted for Bill Clinton, and probably less, considering Obama’s ability to get people who don’t normally vote to actually turn up at the polls.

4) Obama pretty much had the worst few weeks of his political career leading up to Pennsylvania and he still cut Clinton’s lead in half.  That’s pretty amazing.

Two weeks until the North Carolina and Indiana primaries…

One thought on “PA Thoughts

  1. I still think Obama is going to pull it out, but it’s just getting so exhausting to watch the process drag on. How does Hillary constantly manage to get just enough votes to keep her in the game? Ugg…so frustrating!

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