I’m not one of those Obama backers who thinks that Clinton staying in the race is a big deal.  While I’d prefer if Obama got a jump on the general election, I don’t really think Hillary is hurting anyone other than herself.  Quite the contrary, in fact, I think that the old addage that “any press is good press” applies to the Democratic primaries.  There’s clearly far more interest in Obama and Hillary these days than there is in John McCain.

 It actually makes me cringe when I hear left wing pundits complain about the ongoing Democratic primary.  It would seem to me that those who are entrenched in politics forget what it’s like to be a regular person.  The average citizen doesn’t start paying attention to the issues of a general election this far in advance.  I mean, it’s only April — most people aren’t going to think about the general election SEVEN months before it happens.  Only those of us with too much free time are doing that.

I think August, September, and October will be plenty of time for the Democratic nominee to make a case against McCain, although I do expect this to be wrapped up by the end of June when the primaries are over.

And speaking of primaries and the convention in August, there was an interesting article in, I believe, the Atlantic a while back on Hillary’s desire to see the Michigan and Florida delegates seated.  She claims that not counting the votes in either states disenfranchises those voters and runs contrary to our system of democracy.

Clearly, however, it’s impossible to count those votes as is.  While you could argue about Florida until your blue in the face, Michigan is a cut and dried case — Obama wasn’t even on the ballot.  So a compromise has to happen, particularly if counting those votes IS so instrumental in maintaining our society.

Here are two ideas from that Atlantic article, neither of which Hillary has suggested, but both of which solve the problem, which she claims is so important.

The easiest and least likely, of course, would be for Hillary to drop out.  Then you can count those votes however you want because Obama would be the only remaining candidate.  Hell, you could give them all to Hillary and it wouldn’t matter because she’d no longer be running.  But if she cares so deeply about those votes counting, shouldn’t she be willing to make that sacrifice?  (Yes, that is tongue in cheek)

The second option is completely reasonable and solves the problem, but the Clinton campaign will never agree to it: split the vote.  Sure, you could argue that a percentage of Florida voters would be unhappy, but Hillary got 50% of the vote in Florida, so she’d be getting all the votes she supposedly “won.”  And those precious votes which are so important to maintaining our democracy would be counted.  As for Michigan, Hillary would actually lose some votes (she won with 55%), but considering Obama wasn’t even on the ballot it would seem reaonable to think that some of those people would have voted for him.

So there you go: Hillary’s impassioned pleas to have those votes count would finally be heard, our democracy would be saved, and the system would move foward as it was meant to.  All would be right with the world.

I wonder why Hillary won’t agree to a 50/50 split, then?  If the issue is as important as she makes it out to be, why not?

Oh, that’s right, I forgot: because she doesn’t care.  Sorry, rather she only cares about winning at any cost.  She could give a rat’s ass about those votes unless they give her an edge.

Every day she gets more and more talented at being disingenuous.  And I think that every day more and more people see that.

If this long primary is going to hurt anyone, I think it will be Hillary Clinton.

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