Bias My Rear End

Okay, so let me preface this by saying that I’ve had a few drinks this evening.  Politics strikes regardless of sobriety.

But this link on the Yahoo main page (which I’m sure will have changed by morning) just really blew my mind.

The headline on the Yahoo main page for the article linked above is “Clinton leads in polls in four Democratic primary states.”  Sounds like a big deal, yes?  Well, not really, considering the fact that there are 10 primaries left and Obama and Clinton are projected to split those evenly. 

Even better, one of the states included in this article is Kentucky, which votes May 20th, the same day as Oregon, which should go to Obama.  But, lo and behold, there’s no poll out from Oregon, so that state doesn’t get to be in the article.  In other words, of the six states that vote between now and May 20th, Clinton is projected to win four of those.  Even better is the fact that May 20th is over seven weeks away!

But that headline would make you think that Clinton campaign is just chalking up big victories left and right.

Even the most devout Clinton supporter has got to admit that the media is adding fuel to the fire that is the Democratic primary fight.  While the story before might have been the underdog Obama who came from nowhere to challenge for the nomination, the story now is very clearly “death match ’08!”  And the only way to maintain that story is by building up Clinton in any way possible — because the facts (aka the math) would deflate any such story.

So for those keeping track, the media is no longer biased; I think that pendulum has swung both ways enough to call it even.

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