Democrats are stupid.

I think I got as perhaps as mad as I’ve ever gotten with regards to the Democratic primary today.  I was listening to talk radio (probably a bad move right there to begin with) and the host (sitting in for someone, I believe) asked for Clinton supporters to call in and tell him what they thought of Obama, and vice versa.

What followed was a litany of morons from both sides saying the stupidest things I’d ever heard.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, there are self-proclaimed Democrats out there who have stated that if their candidate of choice doesn’t win the nomination they will either vote for McCain or not vote at all.

Note that I said “self-proclaimed Democrats.”  I know at least four people who have said they’ll vote for Obama if he gets the nomination or McCain if Clinton gets the nomination.  Those four people are conservatives.  If they dont’t get the nominee of their choice, they’re going to vote along party lines, which I understand; that makes sense to me (although still opens a whole can of worms).

But there are actually Democrats who will vote for McCain (or not vote at all, which is almost the same thing) if their cadidate doesn’t get the nomination??  WTF??

Allow me to throw out a few words, some with other words: abortion, Iraq, the economy, civil rights, stem cell research, free trade, foreign policy, education, the separation of church and state, and I could go on!

 What do those things have in common?  They’re all KEY issues that — gasp! — separate Democrats and Republicans!  Now I know that there are some pro-choice Republicans out there just as I know there are some hawkish Deomcrats, but for the most part there are a range of issues that John McCain stands on the polar opposite of when compared to BOTH Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

So let me get this straight, you stupid, stupid Democrats: if your candidate of choice doesn’t win the nomination, you will vote for a candidate who believes the exact opposite of what your candidate believes???

Oh, and guess what?  NOT voting is just as bad.  NOT voting hands the election to the other side.

Dear Democrats,

Grow the fuck up.


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