It’s true: It’s false.

There are lots of things I’d like to get to, like the Richardson endorsement, Tracy Morgan’s bit on SNL last week (which was, in my opinion, actually worse than Tina Fey’s from two weeks ealier), and various odds and ends.  But this story just won’t let me go.

Above is the video of Hillary Clinton’s arrival to Bosnia (and a news conference from this week).  You know, that’s the trip where the canceled the greeting ceremony because they were running from sniper fire (and she brought a 16 year old Chelsea with her!).  That’s according to Hillary herself, of course.

I’ll keep it simple and point you towards a great article by RJ Eskow over at the Huffington Post with this key passage at the end:

I continue to be astonished at the willingness of Clinton supporters to elide, obfuscate, tolerate, condone, and defend behavior from their candidate that would provoke their outrage if it came from anyone else.

I don’t think blantant lies are going to win over the super delegates.  The people of Pennsylvania, maybe, but let’s hold out hope there.

One thought on “It’s true: It’s false.

  1. What was your problem with the Tracy Morgan bit on SNL? I thought it was pretty funny. (I actually thought Tina Fey’s was very funny, even though I don’t agree with her choice)

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