Dog Fight?

Yes, that’s right, I went three whole days without a new blog.  Had I known that Cedars Sinai allowed for laptops in their waiting rooms, I probably would have put up a half dozen new entries on Tuesday.

 Anyway, back to it.

I’m not going to touch on Obama’s speech because I think there’s been enough commentary elsewhere, and I think it’s generally all along the same lines.  I will say that I hope it makes people realize just what I like about him so much, although I feel like I’ve expressed my reasons well before now.

This is an article worth discussing.

In it, Jim Vandehei and Mike Allen point out the cold, hard reality of the Democratic primary: Clinton can’t win.  No, seriously, she can’t (to be fair, neither can Obama, since he can’t get the total number of pledged delegates need to guarantee the nomination, but he can’t fall behind).  She can’t catch Obama on delegates and her only hope lies in getting more of the popular vote and using that to make a case for the super delegates…the problem there being that her odds of catching and passing Obama in the popular vote are slim to none.

So why is she still running?  Better yet, why is she still running and complimenting McCain in an effort to attack Obama?  I mean, not only is she forcing Obama to stay in a race against her which prevents him from focusing all of his attention on McCain, she’s actually HELPING McCain!

Seriously, people, that’s just…that’s just piss poor.

What I find particularly interesting is a point made by Chuck Todd on MSNBC today: anyone other than a Clinton would have been laughed out of the race by this point.  Okay, maybe not “laughed” out, but surely dismissed.  And yet, as the article I linked to points out, the media acts like it’s a dog fight.  But that’s just not true.

I’ve been on board with “the media likes Obama better” bit.  Because I think they do.  But the simple fact that Hillary is being portrayed as having a legitimate shot at winning refutes any claims that the media is hurting her.  On the contray, they’re the only thing holding up the facade that is a competitive race.

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