Michigan and Florida

So Florida isn’t going to vote again.

This more or less guarantees another few months of whining from the Clinton campaign.  It could be one of the more ridiculous stances they’ve taken.  The vote didn’t count, plain and simple.  That was a decision made before the primaries and it was agreed upon by the DNC.  The idea of complaining about it now — when it suits her — is just so sad.

Clearly, playing by the rules will actually benefit Obama in this instance.

Michigan is a bit more complicated.

The proposal for the Michigan re-vote would only allow registered Democrats to participate.  That would be fine if it weren’t for the fact that many Democrats registered as Republicans so that they could vote in a meaningful primary earlier in the year.  This means that a decent number of Democrats are going to be locked out of the primary process — and wasn’t the point of a re-vote to give those people a voice?

The Obama campaign has a problem with this, as well they should.  The Clinton campaign has no problems with it and is accusing the Obama campaign of getting in the way of democracy, or some such nonsense.

Seriously, they just get more and more ridiculous.

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