More damn dirty media

As should be clear by now, I’m a filthy liberal.  I’ll admit that I can lean towards the middle on certain issues, but by and large I land with the left on most things.  As such, I enjoy left wing TV and radio.

And I don’t mean mainstream TV and radio, I mean left wing TV and radio, those that make no bones about their stances.  I’m talking about Air America and Countdown with Keith Olbermann.  No one associated with these shows pretends to be anything other than what they are, and to be fair some right wing media does the same (keep in mind that Fox News and Bill O’Reilly specifically claim to be independents — no, really).

While the mainstream media clearly prefers Obama (which is different than being anti-Hillary, by the way), the left wing media, at least at the start of all of this, has managed to balance on the fence.  Simply as a matter of party unity, most radio and TV hosts have kept their personal preferences to themselves.

It has been interesting to see how that’s changed over the last few weeks, the culmination of week to be seen in an upcoming “Special Comment” from Keith Olbermann.

One by one, left wing commentators seem to be tipping over to Obama, their reasons for which coming as a chorus: Hillary is acting like a Republican.

Hell, I heard one radio host call her a Neo-Con, for god’s sake.

Now, obviously this is gross hyperbole.  It’s wrong on a number of levels.  First, Hillary Clinton is no where near being a Republican in any way, shape, or form.  Second, the claim the she is one seems to be dependent upon the behavoir of her campaign, as if dirty tricks is a strictly Republican manuever.  Neither side is clean and the suggestion that using the “kitchen sink” strategy makes Hillary a Republican is silly.

Or, it would be during any other election year.  This year is about being above all that.  This year is about a different kind of politics.  Anything that subscribes to the old school is seen as locked in step with the administration we’re all waiting to be rid of.

Her behavior seems to be influencing undecided super delegates, too, like Nancy Pelosi:

“I think that ticket either way is impossible,” Pelosi told NECN’s Alison King shortly after an environmental event in Waltham, Massachusetts today.

Pelosi cited comments made by Clinton officials that John McCain would be a better commander-in-chief as an example of why the ‘dream ticket’ wouldn’t become a reality.

What’s amazing to me is that Hillary’s additiude seems to be spreading to her supporters as well.  The pro-Hillary articles and blogs online seem overwhelmingly defensive when it comes to any criticism of her behavior and the the song that Geraldine Ferarro started singing seems to be growing louder: that any criticism of Hillary must be driven by misogyny.

It’s starting to piss me off, to be perfectly honest.  Maggie Williams even had the gall to imply that Obama was playing the race card by responding to Ferarro’s comments.

I just wish someone would start calling the Clinton campaign out on their bullshit tactics and do so in an extremely public way.  Because they need to answer for their behavior.

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