Super 2sday

See, the “2” is because we’ve already had a “Super Tuesday.”  I’m clever, aren’t I?

Predictions for tonight:  Hillary will win Rhode Island and Ohio.  Obama will win Vermont and Texas (and keep in mind that Texas has a primary AND a caucus tonight).

Chuck Todd pointed out last night on Countdown that Hillary will, at most, gain 5-10 delegates, and that’s if she wins both Ohio and Texas.

 Jonathan Alter has a good article on the math going forward and how unfortunate it could be for the Democrats.

Bill Richardson did something very strange a few days ago, stating that whoever has the most delegates after Tuesday should be the nominee.  What’s strange about that is that Clinton can’t overcome Obama’s lead on Tuesday, so he’s basically saying that Obama should be the nominee.  So that begs the question: why doesn’t he just say that?  If he thinks it would be the best for the party to name Obama the nominee now, why isn’t he endorsing him, an act that would clearly help to push the nomination forward?

My guess?  Even though the math is clear, Richardson doesn’t want to influence the outcome of the results in Texas, which he could easily do by endorsing either candidate.  It’ll be interesting to see what he does after tonight, though.

Evidently, the Obama campaign are holding back a few trump cards.  They’ve yet to release their fundraising totals for last month which is speculated to be at least $50 million.  And, according to Tom Brokaw this morning morning on MSNBC, a source “very close” to the Obama campaign says they’ve kept FIFTY declared superdelegates a secret.

If either of those things are true, they’re big weapons to pull out during any given news cycle.  I would have to imagine that if the Obama camp feels like Hillary is getting too much good press out of tonight’s results, they’ll drop those bits on consecutive days, if not all at once.

Should be an interesting evening.

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