Super 2sday update, 7:23 PM

The small states went as predicted.  Obama is currently getting pummeled in Ohio.  The polls in NE Ohio stayed open late, which is a good sign for him, but I honestly don’t see him making up that much ground.

Then again, Chuck Todd from MSNBC just pointed out that Cinci, Cleveland, and Toledo haven’t reported in yet — most of the reporting up until this point has come from rural areas.  Obama’s winning on Columbus, the only major urban area that has any major reporting in.

Obama with a slight lead in Texas, although no votes reporting yet from Houston again, another Obama strong spot.  Hillary’s supposed to get some late votes from the border towns, though.

No Texas caucuses in yet, although MSNBC was at one that went to Obama.

The real question is how long I’ll be able to stay awake for this.

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