Red Phone

I’m going to take a snippet from Ben Smith’s blog over at with regards to Clinton defending her “red phone” ad (for those who don’t know, it’s the “who do you want to answer the red phone at 3 AM when there’s a crisis somewhere in the world” ad):

She tells an audience in Texas that “I understand completely” what a 3 a.m. call means — though her advisers earlier conceded the obvious point that she hasn’t actually ever occupied an executive position, or taken those calls herself, any more than her rivals have.

As Ben makes a good point later, though, and points out the risk Hillary is taking:

Obama and Clinton spent the day echoing and intensifying yesterday’s argument about security, a battle Clinton chose, but which gives Obama the opportunity to end the campaign more or less where it started — on Iraq.

So as not to steal too much, if you’re interested in Hillary’s defense of her ad, or Obama’s rebuttal, both are posted on Ben’s blog.  The Hillary clip is a bit infuriating as she…stretches the truth (actually, she flat out lies, but I’m trying to be nice) on Obama’s statements after he entered the Senate.  She also offers two choices, neither of which represents her, which makes it’s an odd choice to offer her crowd (unless I’m mistaken and she was either a state Senator or answering the red phone in 2002).

At the very least, though, you can understand why Hillary would go down the foreign affairs road.  Why McCain continues to do so, however, is really strange to me.  Clearly, his military service is a strong suit, but you’d think he’d be taking this time to shore up other aspects of his campaign.  Then again, I suppose his view on Iraq really is a weak spot.

For what it’s worth, it’s not the fact that Obama was against the war that impresses me, it’s the fact that he gave a list of things that would happen if we invaded Iraq and they’ve all happened.  It’s one thing to just say “war is wrong, we shouldn’t go to war.”  It’s another thing to say “this is what will happen and why it’s bad” with complete certainty.  And he clearly had a better grasp of the situation than anyone else as all of those things came true.

Tonight: Hillary makes a special guest appearance on SNL…with big time Obama boosters Wilco as the musical guest (complete, from what I’ve read, with Obama ’08 stickers all over their gear).

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