Like a cucumber

The most unfortunate aspect of the last debates for Hillary Clinton is that her most talked moments aren’t good ones.  Even worse, they’re clearly the ones that were written in advance, and both got groans from the audience.

In Texas it was “change you can photocopy.”  In Ohio, it was “should we get Barrack a pillow.”

What was even worse in Ohio is that it came early in the debate and seemed to paint her into a corner.  She was never able to come up with another sound bit that would top that one.

Obama, on the flipside, was unflappable.  No matter what charge was leveled against him, he rolled with the punch and turned it back around.  He never got flustered.  To quote Pat freaking Buchanan (Pat Buchanan, for god’s sake!): “He looked Presidential.”

And making Obama “look Presidential” had to be the absolute last thing that Hillary wanted to do.

It’s impossible to claim anyone other than Barrack Obama as the winner last night because even if you think that Hillary did a better job, she failed to make any strides.  Even worse, today another Senator endorsed Obama and another superdelegate flipped on Hillary.

The next six days should prove interesting.  The big concern among Democrats has got to be Hillary winning by a slim margin.  Mathematically speaking, she needs to win big in both states to stay competitive.  If she fails to do that, there’s no way she can win the nomination without a big chunk of superdelegates.  But if she wins by a slim margin she can argue that she still won and that she will stay in the race because of that, ignoring the fact that she will basically be dragging out a fight that she can only win through back room deals.

I find it absolutely impossible to comprehend that mindset.  Using the superdelegates to determine the Democratic candidate only undermines any promises of changing the politics in Washington that the Democrats might make.  How much water will they hold when their own nominee is chosen against the will of the people?  And how long will it take the Republicans to jump all over that fact?

The best thing that can happen for all parties is for Obama to win both states on Tuesday and to win them handily.  Because this whole thing could get real ugly real quick if he doesn’t.

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