The Great Debate Part I: Battleground State

If the Clinton campaign needed a clear moment to point to media bias, they just got it.  Supposedly Brian Williams was going to ask Obama a question that would be introduced by video.  Instead of the video he supposedly wanted, we got a clip of Hillary making fun of Obama’s speeches.  It was a fairly easy set-up for Obama to knock out of the park.  He tried to be gracious about it, but it was impossible to ignore.

They appear to be trying to make up for that with the original video, which puts Obama on the spot about calling out Hillary on taking credit for what Bill did well, but distancing herself from what he did poorly.

Still, that accidental first clip was pretty awful.  I can’t imagine why they had it cued and while I favor Obama, he should have to answer for something similar, although I don’t know that he’s mocked her so overtly in any of his speeches.

And now Obama is referring back to that clip again.  They really did set him up.  He’s smart enough to take adantage of it without being a jerk, but still.

Tim Russert just asked a question that’s been answered dozens of time.  I can’t believe he’s even asking this, although I suppose he needs to clarify for those who don’t follow things like I do.

For the record, Obama never said he’d using only public financing in a general election.  He said (wrote down, even) that he’d work with the Republican nominee to come to an agreement that involves public financing.

More in half an hour, I’m sure…

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