The Great Debate III: Round on the side, high in the middle

The National Review says Obama’s a dirty liberal.  That’s not much of a question.

Hillary gets a Putin question which she should do well on, although I think most everyone knows Putin has a severe mad on for her that I’m pretty sure is mutual.

Obama gets a chance to comment and, ostensibly, show off some international savvy.

And time for our hypothetical.  Evidently, Russia is joining with Serbia to reclaim Kosovo.

I wonder why Obama got the hypothetical question and Hillary didn’t?  I would be a bit pieeved about that if I were Hillary.

Wow, closing comments time and Hillary goes to the Iraq vote.  That’s as close to an apology as we’ve ever seen from her, I think.  She rolls right into foreign affairs, clearly something she feels she’s stronger on than Obama as she obviously has more experience.

Obama brings out Terry Schiavo which is pretty bold of him.  That’s a contentious issue to bring up, but he’s clearly trying to make the point that, even though he’s a liberal, he won’t be pushing for a government that looks over your shoulder.

And now he’s rolling into his closing comments — I don’t think Hillary’s going to get any.

Oh, surprise surprise, Brian Williams pulls out a closing comment section.  “Why is the other person deserving of being the nominee?”  Interesting choice of final question.

Obama jogs around for a bit, but eventually lands on the fact that he can bring people together to make change happen in ways that Hillary can’t.

I would imagine she’ll go to experience on this one…and there she goes.  Again, both hitting the gist of their campaigns.

I find it interesting that Hillary gets the final say again this week, although I suppose that’s to make up for the fact that she always has to open (as she pointed out).

Summary thoughts tomorrow, I think.

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