Dirty Pool

Shockingly enough, I’m going to open a blog entitled “Dirty Pool” with a charge against the Obama campaign.  See?  At least some percentage of my blood has not yet turned to Kool-Aid.

As brought to everyone’s attention by Hillary herself, the Obama campaign currently has to mailings going around in Ohio (the extent of their coverage, however, is debatable, as very few people at the speech she was giving even knew what she was talking about).  The first claims that her health care plan forces people who can’t afford it to buy it — which is true, although she claimed otherwise today in Ohio.

It’s the second mailer that’s questionable.  It says that Hillary believed NAFTA would be a “boon.”  The quote is the issue.  Because the quote doesn’t come from Hillary, but from a Newsday article that ostensibly puts those words in Clinton’s mouth.  While it really is a quote, there’s no source given, so the implication is that it came from Hillary.

The problem for the Clinton campaign (and I’m sticking with that, as I truly believe Hillary has been done a great disservice by the people running her campaign) is that there’s no way she can argue political tactics and expect to come out on the shiny side.  In fact, Obama’s people released a statement going so far as to egg her on in that direction.  Honestly, it seems to me that Obama’s people pieced together the fact that they could produce half-truths against Hillary and get away with it, because any cry of “foul” from her would come across as hypocracy.

Even worse for Hillary, the issue at hand is NAFTA, which plays right into Obama’s hands.  Even if she were to argue that she was against NAFTA in some capacity, Obama could ask for proof of that and could also return to a key a point: Hillary will take credit for Bill’s successes but will claim to have had no part in his failures.  Which, again, leads us to the hypocracy issue.

As bad as lying on a mailer might sound, I think this is another case of the Obama camp out manuevering the Clinton camp.  I’m not fond of their tactic, but I can’t fault their strategic thinking.

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