Austin Debate

I’m not going to see the whole thing since it’s my lady friend’s birthday, but after the first half an hour it appears that Obama’s game plan is to polite Clinton to death.

It’s a pretty smart strategy, actually, as most talking heads believe Clinton has to go harsh on Obama if she’s to make any headway.  It’s hard to attack someone who responds with a smile and a calm voice.

If it works, it’s another example of Obama’s campaign (and while he deserves credit as well, I’m specifically citing his campaign team here) outflanking Hillary’s.

 We’ll see.

One thought on “Austin Debate

  1. I was wondering what your take on the debate would be. Many people seem to be saying that her comments at the end sounded a lot like a concession speech. Interesting. Anyway, I guess I’ll let you off the hook since you were busy with birthday celebrations.

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